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Field House

Field House

The Health and Wellness Center Field House was completed in the Fall of 2012.  The hardwood floor consists of one full-length high school basketball court and one full-length college basketball court. 

Twelve baskets surround the space with a volleyball net and two batting cages that can be lowered from the ceiling.  The Field House is lined by a walking track on the upper level.

The Field House serves as the primary location for Health, Physcial Education, and Recreation activity classes during the day as well as the college's Intramural and Recreation Sports program.

All of the college's athletic teams hold practices in the Field House as well as the Performance Gym in the afternoons, and the facility is rented by community groups such as youth basketball organizations for practices and tournaments.

For information about renting the facility, please visit the Rental Information page.

Or contact Lisa Boxwell at 763-433-1289 (, or Rory Larson at 763-422-6105 (